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What Are The Symptoms of Tooth Decay?

We always talk about prevention as the best tool to avoid oral diseases. But once the most common of them, tooth decay, appears in your mouth, the best way to eliminate it is to visit your dental clinic. This article will explore the origin, symptoms, and treatments that you can pursue in reversing tooth decay.

What Are The Origins Of Tooth Decay?

Before we see how to fight it, let’s see what caries is, why it appears and its possible symptoms. A multitude of bacteria naturally inhabit the human body, most of them harmless and, many of them, necessary for our body. In our mouth, when eating, bacteria and food debris end up gathering on the surface of the teeth and forming dental plaque. If it is not removed, it ends up attacking the enamel on the surface of the tooth. From then on, if it is not treated, it will advance attacking the tissues, more and more deeply, producing cavities

Thus, we can define caries as an oral disease characterized by the destruction of the tissues of the dental pieces as a consequence of the demineralization caused by the acids generated by the bacterial plaque.

What Are the Symptoms of Tooth Decay?

The symptoms of caries can be multiple: discomfort or pain in the teeth; bad breath or bad taste in your mouth; tooth sensitivity; changes in tooth color; appearance of perforations in the teeth, dental abscesses and infection; and even breakage of the pieces. If any of them appear, the smartest thing is to go to the dental clinic for a professional to assess your situation.

How Do you treat tooth decay?

In caries treatments, the specialist will work two planes. On the one hand, he will eliminate the causes that have produced it and the tissues that have been affected by it. On the other, if necessary, it will restore or replace the affected part or teeth.

Some of the most common methods of treatment include the following:

When the dentist informs you that you have cavities, it may happen that it is in an incipient stage. In this case, fluoride treatment can help restore tooth enamel and sometimes paralyze the disease’s progression.
Dental Fillings
If tooth decay is in a more advanced stage, the dentist will recommend a restoration or filling. This can be done with materials such as resins of the same color as the tooth and porcelain.
When tooth decay has spread so much that it has weakened the dental piece, the dentist can recommend the placement of a crown, better known as a “cover”. It is a custom coating that completely replaces the natural crown of the tooth. Before placing it, the specialist will remove any remaining damaged tissue to ensure that the problem does not reproduce. These crowns can also be made of various materials: porcelain, resin and metals.
Once thecaries has reached inside the tooth, it is necessary to do a root canal. As we have already explained in other posts, it is an alternative to extraction carried out in by specialists trained specifically for this: endodontists. It is a procedure that is performed withlocal anesthesiain whichthe infected tissueisremovedfrom the inside of the tooth and replaced by an inert material, so that the infection ends and the tooth is numbed, keeping it.
In some cases, tooth decay is so severe that there is no option to save the affected part and it must be removed, with the risk that the other teeth move. If this is your case, do not worry, you can always choose to make a bridge, put on an implant that replaces the extracted piece.

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If you have any additional questions about tooth decay please don’t hesitate to contact Amin Salvi Dental today! We offer a dental office in Rancho Cucamonga and a dental office in Corona, CA!

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